The Blade
The Blade

The Blade

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The premium beer tap designed to draught professional pints
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BLADE beer machine

blade.pngHolds 8L of brewery-fresh beer

blade.pngChills to 2 degrees and fresh for 30 days

blade.pngPremium pub-quality pints every time

blade.pngCompact and beautifully designed

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BLADE beer pump's unbeatable experience

blade.pngEasy to set up, just plug and pour

blade.pngUser-friendly and professional 

blade.pngDoes not require extra hardware

blade.pngAt home in any setting

Are you looking to dip your toe into home draught?

We are currently offering Refurbished BLADES, which have been fully repaired and restored, for those who want to save a few pennies whilst still being able to get the same perfect pour the BLADE provides. 

Interested? Head to our Refurbished BLADE section for more information.


Heineken 00 Blade


The BLADE is a compact draught dispenser designed to serve premium quality beer.